The Stress-Free Work System:

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Workload

13 Years ago I was overwhelmed and overworked, lost in tasks and expectations.

I got obsessed with efficiency and created the simplest, most effective method out there. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people get much more done while keeping their peace of mind. Watch the video to hear what the Stress-Free Work System did for Ronald and his career. 

Why work stress-free?

When you are under pressure, you cannot think clearly.

You make the wrong choices, damage your relationships, only creating more work for yourself.

A bit of pressure helps to enter a flow state, but when you feel rushed or overwhelmed, you have a serious problem.

Lower health, lower quality of work, a less pleasant person for others…

Being stress-free should be every professional’s top priority.

Because only in a calm, peaceful state are you open to flow and deliver your best work.

Why is this important?

To answer this question, I will share some comments I received from people who went through this course before you:

“I feel more peace of mind”

“I love having this overview of everything that’s going on!”

“I can finally sleep at night”

“I got my second promotion in two years time and it’s really all thanks to my system. My colleagues have started copying me!”

“I am so much more structured”

“It feels so good to have one overview of all my commitments”

“The Zoom Out moments are amazing!”

“In crisis situations I’m the only one who can keep my head cool”

“I can keep so many plates spinning now, it is crazy!”

“When all my colleagues are panicking, I manage to stay calm now”

“I finally have my emails under control”

How will this course help you?

With this course I take you by the hand step-by-step to implement the simple system that’s helped me be 10x more productive than I was before I had this knowledge.

After implementing the lessons from this course you’ll be the most reliable, on-top-of-things person your partners and colleagues have ever worked with:

… always keeping overview

… knowing your priorities

… meeting your deadlines

… optimizing your return-on-invested-time

… focusing on what matters most to you

… being a beacon of calm among all the madness 😉

Barbara (HR Advisor from Belgium)

“I can keep so many plates spinning now.”

Mikel (Therapist from the Netherlands)

“I recovered from a burn-out and with this method this will never happen again.”

Simon (Intrapreneur at Youth Work from Belgium)

“The benefits are endless. I’m a better professional, colleague and dad.”

Carolyne (Entrepreneur: founder of The NGO Whisperer from South-Africa)

“The system helps to manage my busy lifestyle and grow a global brand.”

Gareth (Freelance management consultant from the U.K.)

“The Stress-Free Work System is like an operating system for your brain.”

Jimmy (Freelance Hypnotist and Performer from the United States)

“This is great! I never realized this is a skill I can learn.”

Kit (Sales Team Manager from the U.K.)

“This system has instant positive impact on the life of a professional.”

What’s included in the SFWS course?

– 6 Lessons spread over 3 modules

– Each lesson comes with an animated video of 14 – 30 minutes + written content + an elaborate step-by-step worksheet

 – 5 bonus videos of 4 – 15 minutes each

– Templates for: to-do list, recurring activity plan, zoom out questions 

Each lesson explains the core concepts you need to understand, and a worksheet which takes you by the hand to, step-by-step, implement the system in your own unique personal situation 

1. Introduction

1.1 What you should know about stress

2. Implement Your "External Hard-Drive"

2.1 Manage Yourself

2.2 The perfect To-Do List

2.3 Your Recurring Activity Plan

Bonus: five frequently asked questions about the perfect to-do list

3. Implement Your Zoom Out Moments

3.1 How to balance action and recovery

3.2 Your Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cycle

Bonus Lessons

How to turn a complaint ino a compliment

How to delegate effectively (without frustration and tons of revision rounds)

How to make your meeting 3x as effective

The Perfect Stress-Free Day


Lifetime access to the online course: “Stress-Free Work System – Guided Implementation”

A detailed step-by-step implementation guide to help you set up your own “External Hard-Drive” and your Zoom Out Moments:

– 1 personal introduction video with tips on how to benefit most from the course

– 6 in-depth animated explainer videos (16 – 30 minutes each)

– 5 implementation worksheets with step-by-step instructions


VALUE: €1000

The “External Hard-Drive” templates

How to always remember your commitments and ideas, and be the most reliable person people ever worked with?

I’m sharing these templates (in MS Word and MS Excel) to jumpstart your own personalized system. With this consciously defined set of lists, you will manage all the information you want to remember while keeping your mind free and present in the Now.


VALUE: €100

The Zoom Out Power Questions

How to relax every evening and activate your subconscious mind’s superpowers?

I share my full list of Zoom Out questions for you to use. Because new questions trigger new thoughts. New thoughts trigger new creations. One creative idea can save you days of work. That is the power of the Zoom Out Power Questions.

VALUE: €200


Do you agree that if all the program did was give you more peace of mind and a sense of control for the rest of your career, it is more than worth it?

To make the choice even easier, I included a few career-changing bonus lessons:

BONUS #1: How to turn a complaint into a compliment – the SICRA method

How to deal with issues and complaints: a simple strategy to do a thorough analysis and make sure the issue does not happen again. This makes even the angriest customers happy again (and even become your ambassador).

VALUE: €500

BONUS #2: How to delegate effectively, without frustration and tons of revision rounds

Delegating work tasks is one of the hardest things to do. Use the DASIO method to get it right the first time. Save all the frustration and hours of corrective work for the delegated tasks that have not been giving the output you desire.

VALUE: €500

BONUS #3: How to make your meetings 3x as effective

Use the simple POW strategy to have focused meetings. Stop wasting time in unclear endless meetings, focus all minds on what needs to be created and ensure a follow up so that decisions are documented and action steps are implemented.

VALUE: €500

ULTIMATE BONUS: Ask me anything

During the month after your purchase, email me any question you on how to apply the course in your unique situation. This way, we make sure you are really guided all the way in implementing your own personal stress-free work system.

VALUE: €500





€444 excl. VAT

The number 4 stands for structure, order and organization.

The total amount is significant, but a fraction of a monthly salary – for something that benefits you every day for the rest of your career. 

NOTE: After the first 100 purchases, the price will go up.

No risk! Try it out for 30 days and if you do not achieve the desired results, we’ll refund your money.


… answered by Alexander

Q: Is the Stress-Free Work System for everyone?

A: The online course is geared towards employees and leaders in medium and large organizations. But over time, all types of professionals have benefited from this system (employees, business owners and freelancers). I myself used the system when I was an employee (team leader, department head and program manager), a freelancer (time management workshops, coaching and consulting) and today as a business owner (I founded WIN Mastermind and Gaianet). I realized that whatever work you do, the same principles apply: you want to capture all your valuable ideas and commitments, you want to prioritize them in the smartest possible way and you want to create space in your mind so you are free to be present in the Now and generate new creative ideas to tackle challenges and build projects. 

Q: How much time will it take to follow the course and implement the Stress-Free Work System in my own unique situation?

A: People call me the efficiency guy for a reason 😉 Completing the full course (all videos, implementation worksheets, doing the implementation work and the bonus videos) will take you about 8 to 16 hours. In the introduction video I also share a fast-track option: which two lessons to focus on to get the biggest results the fastest. The fast-track route will take you an estimated 3 to 6 hours. With only 3 to 6 hours to get your work under control, prioritize smarter and hence double your productivity… this is probably the most time effective course out there (which is what I was aiming for 😉 ). 

Q: Does this method work for everybody? Because my situation is special and different in several ways.

A: We’ve proven this methodology with clients from over 8 different countries and they all got amazing results, regardless of age, gender, nationality or industry. The methodology is based on how the human body and mind process information… these principles are pretty much universal for all humans. 

Q: I already tried several time management systems and it never worked. Why would this work?

A: Many people have told me say that this system is similar to the GTD method, but easier to implement because it is spelled out in detailed step-by-step implementation worksheets. It is hard to say why your previous attempts were not as successful as you wish, but I can tell you this: if you believe you are motivated and have a strong why for wanting to improve your situation, you will be able to adopt two simple habits which will cost you about 10 to 15 minutes a day… and follow the step-by-step detailed instructions in the course to set up your own system for your own unique situation… then you will achieve the benefits mentioned on this page. 

Q: Does this method require me to install and learn to operate new applications, for example a productivity app like Asana or Todoist?

A: No, I kept it as simple as possible so that really anyone can do it. I recommend using MS One Note or MS Word as your external memory because of its immense flexibility and ease of use. Some people prefer MS Excel. By choosing a simple tool, you remain in charge of the process, instead of you having to adjust to how the app was designed. 

Q: I am simply not a structured person and I don’t like structure. Is this program for me?

A: I am not a structured person either! I am all about human connection, meaningful conversations and enjoying myself. Structure is just a skill I learned to create freedom for myself. Without structure, no spontaneity. Only when you have carefully written down what you need to remember, your mind will be free to enjoy the present moment. 

Q: Do I need any special skills or talents to apply the Stress-Free Work System?

A: All you need to be able to do is understand English and read and write. I have one client who is deaf and blind, and he LOVES the course! Of course his life looks very different than yours, but he applies the exact same principles to organize his life. 

Q: I am a bit older already and have grown used to my ways of working over the past decades. Will I still be able to learn new habits and change the way I do things?

A: Scientific research shows that neuroplasticity remains throughout our lives, which means we remain capable of learning new things. This was been confirmed by one 50+ year old student of mine. She thanked me , and said: “I’ve been waiting for over 30 years for this system!” 

Q: Does the Stress-Free Work System also work in a financial consulting company in a very fast-paced environment? Isn’t stress normal in such an environment?

A: I expect that especially in such a setting you will achieve great results. The system works like (natural) steroids on your mind and I used it myself in several super fast-paced environments – for example Accenture, and a scale-up company which grew from 20 to 95 employees in 1.5 years time. The system makes it easier for you to process a lot of information, to focus and to prioritize. The faster the pace of the environment, the more you need this ability.

Q: You speak about writing down everything I want to remember. But isn’t that too time-consuming? If something is truly important, I will remember it naturally, right? So I can save time by not writing down things and instead focus on doing the work.

A: I hear this a lot and used to think the same, but here is what I discovered: when something is worth remembering, it is worth writing down. Writing down an idea or a commitment literally takes about 10 to 20 seconds. That is nothing. But how much time do you lose having a discussion about something you forgot to do? That can cost you hours (not even counting what the loss of trust does to your relationship and all the underlying non-productive emotions that may get triggered. The trick to a hyper productive life is this: continuously prioritize the most important things with the biggest leverage, work on them calmly with full focus and to make that possible: continuously remove stuck information from your mind so it is free to be present in the Now. 

Q: Do you think that anybody ever reads all of these Q&As?

A: Probably not, but if you read this please let me know 😉 

Q: I travel a lot. Does this method work for me, or does it require a life of routine?
A: I travel a lot as well. I own two separate businesses and offer my efficiency services as a freelancer. The more complex your life becomes, the more you need to think about to be organized, bring all your things, be prepared everywhere you go… the more you will benefit from using an “External Hard-Drive” and the Zoom Out Moments which you will implement with the course.


Will you start managing your to-do’s, your information, your priorities so that you can take control and create the life and career you desire?

You won’t find a simpler system, a better price or better support. This is it. Now the choice is yours: are you ready to lift your career to the next level?

Total estimated value: €3300