Masterminding 101

Grow your business and career through the art of meaningful conversations

What would it mean if you could have a true, connected, meaningful conversation with virtually anyone?

Become great at masterminding and you create win-win relationships everywhere you go. Win others over, inspire them, generate creative new ideas, build strong networks and leave a lasting positive impression on whomever you interact with.

Why Practice Masterminding?

If you want to perform optimally at work and in your relationships, you need to:

1) effectively use your mind

2) connect with the minds of others in a constructive way

Both of which are skills you can learn.
When you connect with other people’s minds in a focused, harmonious, constructive way, you reach deeper insights and higher truths than you ever would alone.

More clarity, more confidence.

One great idea can save you months of work. Masterminding is your doorway to generating better ideas.

Why is this important?

Becoming a mastermind gives you more inspiration and less stress, both in private and at work.

Access the wisdom (and networks) of the people around you (people love to help and often have great ideas).

Receive more of what you want, simply by understanding how to ask.

Significantly grow your confidence in social settings: both 1-1 and in groups.

Be a more valuable conversation partner for your colleagues, partner and friends. Give more to receive more!

What to expect from this course?

I created this course for entrepreneurs, business leaders, personal development enthusiasts and beginning mastermind facilitators.

Inside the course you find practical tools to:

… improve the quality of your thinking

… ask better questions

… tune into the worlds of others

… build trusted relationships

… grow a network of meaningful connections

… facilitate group conversations

… help others see clearly and feel confident.

Ready to go?

I kept it short, to-the-point and very practical.

Whatever challenge(s) your are currently facing, this course gives you new ways to think about the issue and new ways to talk about it with the people involved.

“I actually tried in a few meetings already to step aside from my ego, slow down, listen, not fill the gaps AND ask for help! 💡

Has been wonders so far, I noticed that I take in information better and the suggestions, tips others give me are better, more concrete.”


Customer Relations Specialist & Bachelor Student

“I recommend this course 10/10.

Especially to people who want to step up their leadership and communication skills. But also people who have an interest in the subtle themes, such as intuition, ego, the Now, and so on.”


Host of the Personal Development Mastery podcast

“The ideas are clearly layed out. I enjoyed the structure of the course, how you build up the ideas.

I would benefit even more if the people I interact with had also taken this course 😉 “


Complex Systems Mapper

What’s included in Masterminding 101?

17 videos of 2 – 5 minutes each, where I translate deep truths into simple practical tips you can apply at work, in daily life and in your mastermind circles.

Each lesson comes with a video and a short article with additional knowledge.

0. Introduction

0.1 About Alexander

How I accumulated all this knowledge on my own personal development journey. A few “meta meta lessons” I learned, and how I steer my mind to expreience more inspiration and less stress.

0.2 How to use this course

How to learn new behaviors by doing small things differently: ask a new question, be silent when otherwise your would speak, ask for support when normally you wouldn’t.

Apply, reflect, improve, repeat… and step-by-step become a master communicator.

1. Why practice masterminding?

1.1 All you need are clarity and confidence

How problems, stress and tensions disappear simply by understanding them better.

1.2 The power of peer consulting

Why your peers (similar humans on a similar journey as you) are a source of greater wisdom than any guru or scientist.

1.3 Grow your network of meaningful connections

How can you make your relationships more meaningful, use each other’s minds, free of judgment, to support each other and life each other up?

2. Masterminding inside yourself

2.1 Master your mindset

How to have more thoughts which are constructive, positive, focused… and less thoughts which are limiting, fearful, focused on what is not?

2.2 Proactive versus reactive thinking

How do you recognize when your mind is in stress versus inspiration? And how can you switch to more constructive thinking?

2.3 Capturing insights and ideas

How to take smart notes, so that you actually integrate what you learn and apply your wisdom in real life.

3. Masterminding one-on-one

3.1 A supportive attitude

How to be welcome in any social setting. A high-quality conversation partner whom people love having around.

3.2 Empathy and clarifying questions

How to open up the minds of the people you speak with (in the most gentle and compassionate way).

3.3 Sharing observations, not opinions

How do you stick with the facts, and stay away from behaviors that will close people’s attitude toward you?

4. Masterminding in groups

4.1 Team flow is the goal

How to create a “group mind” experience, where together you reach higher thoughts and deeper insights than any member could alone.

4.2 Formulating your askings

Ask and you shall receive. Only most of us never really learned how to ask properly. How do you communicate your needs so that others can truly support you?

4.3 Harvesting the gold

Tons of new ideas and insights will arise. Which to write down and when to keep flowing with the moment? How and where write it down so that the right ideas are remembered and implemented?

BONUS LESSON: hand gestures for masterminds

Enhance your conversational flow with non-verbal communication. How to give others clarity and confidence without interrupting them.

5. Facilitating a Mastermind Group

5.1 Managing the flow

How to set a stage where people feel free to speak their minds and open up to share their deepest ideas?

5.2 Note taking and follow up

How can you ensure that participants harvest the gold, while you can stay focused on facilitating the conversation?

BONUS: PDF with five ready-to-go mastermind formats

Want to start a mastermind group with friends, colleagues or business partners? Use this step-by-step guide to facilitate group sessions. Simply follow the instructions and golden insights will flow naturally 😉

6. Getting Started

6.1 Getting started (& further support)

Enough talking, time to start doing. Now you know 101 ways to steer any conversation. Start playing with it. Start learning. Start generating more value in every situation you enter.

That’s it, have fun with it!

P.S. If the course leaves any question or challenge unanswered, please share them in the feedback form at the end of the course, so I can address them if needed.

Value exchange 


I am asking a small symbolic investment, risk-free:

Only €222 (excl. VAT)

The number 2 symbolizes the helper, support, and working together.

The knowledge I share here is an accumulation of 13+ years study and over €60,000+ investment in my own education.

Do you agree that: if this knowledge only helps you repair one relationship, or give you one breakthrough idea, brings you as little as one new client, or one promotion at work… your return-on-investment is already enormous.

NOTE: After the first 100 purchases, the price will go up.



You will get full course access immediately and automatically, within a few minutes or less after purchasing the course.

And there is no risk:

If you really don’t like the course, I’ll give you your money back. But promise me you’ll make a serious effort: actively work with the materials and do real-life experiment with what you learn.

Finally, I’d like to share that I made this with love, so you can enrich your conversations and create more goodness for the world.

Onward and upward!



Q: Can anyone benefit from this course?

A: This course is geared towards business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs – because these are the people I work with in my mentoring and consulting activities.

But anyone who wants to become better at buliding relationships, having meaningful conversations and thinking creatively, will find tremendous value in this course.

So whatever your occupation is, if you read or heard something on this page which got you inspired, go for it!

Q: Does this method work for everybody? Because my situation is special and different in several ways.

A: Although every human is different, with a different personality, mindset and life experience… the principles I use in this course are universal for everybody with a human body and a human brain.

Communication styles and preferences may differ, so  maybe you feel inspired by different tips than somebody else. But everything works, because the content is based on Universal principles – you can simply take the lessons which inspire you, apply them in real life and enjoy while you experience the magic it brings! 

Q: Do I need any special skills or talents to apply the masterminding principles?

A: All you need is to understand English, and to be able to communicate with the people around you.

Masterminding is about optimally leveraging our own mind, and connecting with the minds of others through the art of meaningful conversation. So every human who has conversations sometimes will benefit from these techniques. 

How much time will it take to complete this course?

A: People call me the efficiency guy for a reason 😉 Completing the full course (watching all videos and reading each lesson’s accompanying articles) will take you about 2 to 6 hours, depending on how often you pause to take notes or reflect.

I do recommend to go through the course multiple times throughout the years. Or, for example, when you run into a challenge at work, you may want to go back to a specific lesson to be reminded of a specific tool or technique you can apply to solve your real-world challenge of the moment.